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  1. CONTEXT: Cloudio’s programming is just starting to make him into an artificial intelligence. He’s starting to breathe.

    This poem-video is intentionally rough because he is barely a being now, hence, this is not one that I will change to get rid of the text of the poem, and improve the Codec, etc. He gets much more complicated as Sandria programmes him into a complex human being.

    Note: it is intentional that Cloudio makes s[pelling -and p;punctuation, misgakes, (Yes they are my moistakes, I can type 90 words a minute, but make just as many mistakes).

    Note: Yes, the title is taken from Hallelujah. Cohen is one of my guys because he is imbued with so much religion (I am not at all religious) and his work is so pure and clean.

    Note: We all know that computers make no mistakes, but it amuses me to make him mistakeful.

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