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  1. CONTEXT: A fully mature Cloudio is describing his world view to Sandria whom he loves. Longing, elegy, association is his mind. Unfortunately for him, she has other plans. For him, for her, for her child within her. Thus we find ourselves at the dilemma this book and web-based movies have driven toward. In thwarting her father’s view that she would have no other man/mind, she, in the middle of her life, deals with the ethical question of is it okay to make yourself whole by killing another person? She does not even consider the question, but she has half of her life to come, out side of this book, to apprehend and come to terms with what she has done.

    Note: I have been working on this book and project for years, and had no intention of putting myself in the book. But at the last second it came to me that it was okay, as I created this book of poems – and Cloudio – that is also a novel pared down to a play, and that gives the viewer the text to write their own book from it and have it published on demand and sent to them as their own book over night at Amazon. Every reader is the writer. Every book is unique. The circle is complete.

    Note: It hurt a great sea to not write the last line and let the poem be chopped off, but that is the reality of the poem.

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