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  1. CONTEXT: This is Cloudio and Sandria having sex, the purpose of which is for Sandria to get pregnant, so she can have a child, even though her father told her she would have no one other than he. She is moving forward into her life of being a mother. She invented Cloudio to thwart her father: I Shall Have Another Man.

    Note: This video will morph into a sex scene of Cloudio and his 8 octopi legs with their stimulatory ends. He picks Sandria up and moves her and him to orgasm. Anyone who does animation who wishes to give this a try, please get in touch.

    I should also add that the woman’s orgasm in the background audio, is the When Harry Met Sally scene in the restaurant where Meg Ryan is convincing Billy Crystal that woman regularly have false orgasms just to make guys feel alright. The scene ends with the woman at an adjoining table saying: I’ll have what she’s having.

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