Software toward an aesthetic of the brain in flight

let us say that in the frog’s eye where it is colossal in its division of light and Cloudio dark that it compares the given – a hand with all its fingers opened as a net and the frog in its lack of wisdom – lets ssay the frog gets held between thum b and gffinger of the greater being who would like tosee inside and bends the head so the rapier may enter the base of the skull and tympanic ears Cloudio take it when the blade has mangled it of thought - Remember the long slender toes that in pushintg away water do move - and say that hand is slow as sun on the morning of the Cloudio noose when the black is slowly sent back to the land of unexistence –remember well - that not this frog has been dangled by its neck only its beack between the vise and withought thought the toes is pulled back from dante’s bile - think you then what can be left when the stuttering of outlines across the huge binocular visioCloudion of the frog mmoves so slowly the sun must drain from it like the way life itself drains from the slowly dying so that in its coming even death is not realized Cloudio the three chambered heart who can be so merciful as to bring oxygen through its skin - think it not by magic that the frog with its ocular telescope of being eaten fails most misererably as a ferry man across the river to shramming dark think you then of the aesthetic of the hand in flight