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  1. CONTEXT: Alexandria, as a baby, recognizing her affinity for her father and distance from her mother even as she is feeding from her breast.

    The music in the background has the second melody of the adagio that I am writing. I will write a third ‘happy’ melody and then several of different mood, so that the score can move around based on the movie it finds itself in. As before, Alexandria’s voice will be rerecorded as a young woman’s voice in due course.

    Note: And doesn’t the magnolia at the end remind you of Georgia O’keefe? And, lucky chance, I found a nice assymetry that I liked, and by coincidence it matched the shape of the ending of the poem. The stills are from my yard.

    Special Effects: To get the video of the cigarette, I stuck two paper clips into the back and supported them behind the ash tray so that the cigarette appeared to float in the air – I spared no expense on this special effect, as I bought the most expensive paper clips I could buy. I had to burn four cigarettes to get the ash to fall as I wanted. My house smelled for days. The worst were those organic Joni Mitchell ones, if a cigarette can be organic.

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