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  1. CONTEXT: This is Sandria’s father rationalizing what he has done, breaking one of the unwritten rules of sex: never sexually abuse your child. Even at the end of his life, he could not come clean and say he was sorry. This is why Sandria had to create Cloudio because she has difficulty with men, and thinks they are imperfect, so she must create a man without faults – not likely – for her to conceive a child with.

    Note: As mentioned earlier, the Pope is Ratzinger who received the pedophile files and did nothing with them, kept them on his desk, so that ministers the world round were not punished for sexually abusing children. This is subtext to the story, and to Sandria’s father, who is a minister.

    Note: The terrific quality of the audio – so good, I used no other audio clips – is from the Banff Centre where I was able to get a few hours in a professional sound recording studio with a professional audio person. Stunning what you can do when you can hear the inflections of the smallest derails, even, for example, rubbing day’s end stubble on my face. In this, there is a spot where I turn the page of what I was reading, and it is on the tape. Someone with more skills than I could delete it. It doesn’t bother me for it to be there.

    With earphones on in a small booth, you can hear every small detail of your voice. Having done this, I can see how singers do what they do. Christine Aguilara (sp?), for instance, has almost excessive harmonies with her own voice it’s so good. Someone like John Lennon, too. Even his whistling into a mic is distinctive with its long list of grace notes.

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