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  1. CONTEXT: Cloudio has been programmed with some complicated, sophisticated human male qualities, and this song is his output. Yes, it can be sung to Suzanne (much better than I can sing it) – and will be rerecorded.

    Note: I came across this headless kestrel in the rain in a gravel wash. I spend 50 to 60 days a year out in the wild of Vancouver Island far beyond roads and lesser roads and logging roads and less than these on tracks you have to know to find. It takes decades to find them all.

    A kestrel is one of my totemic birds because they are beautiful, the urban species with their mauve chests and brown bars, and also because they are the smallest raptors and can hover in the sky, then stoop to catch the mouse they have been finding.

    I found this shortly after it had been killed. No smell, no flies, no maggots, no animal having found and eaten it. I guess the other animal, a human, had killed this bird and taken its head for some reason I know not what. I found no bullet hole, nor do I think a person could shoot a shotgun at it and cleanly take off its head. It was a senseless death in my opinion.

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