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  1. CONTEXT: This is the timeline that goes backward in time from Sandria burying her father. She reluctantly and angrily dealt with her aging father as he was dying. Her mother died long ago. Sandria has no relationship with the other siblings of the family, a problem not resolved in this project because it is told from her perspective, and she is not at the point of understanding the problem.

    This poem-video is the first cut, before I realized following text on a screen was too hard to do, and did not use the crossing-genre power of video. I may redo this one. Because I have more than 80 to do, many say: Under Construction, to indicate, I may redo them later. The issue is the complexity of the editing program, Premiere Pro CS6, and the others.

    Note: SANDRIA’S real name is ALEXANDRIA, but she was always called Sandria. The timeline starting in the past, always identifies her as Alexandria, at the start, to situate you. This project would be much easier to follow it it were a movie from start to finish, but the realities of the current tech world is doing it this way – slice by slice.

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