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  1. CONTEXT: Alexandria, in the young girl timeline, is realizing her father loves her and she is more in love with him than anyone in the world, including her mother, who she hates and always will, at least in this project. And, yes, it is a joke that this is called Three little words: I love you daddy – four words.

    Note: The very cool images that look like I spent months Photoshopping them, are actually single images in a lucky time, that present a visual illusion. This is why those of us who do photography always have a camera with us. These are paintings on the windows of a second floor encased walkway in the Fort Garry Hotel in Winnipeg. I went through on a sunny day and recognized the once in a lifetime shots that were in front of me. I raced back to my room and raced back down before the light could change and took 60 images.

    The brightly coloured background results from the window images having faded over the decades and the background full of colour, illuminated by a strong afternoon light. The ones with the gold bars across them, result from photographing into the sun, that has come through the west window, reflected off the east window and come to rest on the inside of the west window. What good luck.

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