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  1. CONTEXT: This corresponds to the dedication page in a paper-based book of poetry. The past in this book of poetry, You Shall Have No Other, that also has the conventions of a novel, includes the Vietnam era, so although that war is not referred to directly in the book, the images set that up easily, an advantage of using video. This and other wars permeate the poem-videos.

    Anyone who lived through those years will know without its being pointed out that the ‘We’re just jamming’ quote was Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock, a rites of passage thing, and the American anthem done in an indelible form on all our brains, and that the end is the first two bars of Purple Haze. It just fits with Daisy, Daisy.

    While the imagery is largely from Vietnam, in this one, bits and pieces of war find home in the forty years this book spans, as fore- now- and past-shadowing – novel conventions for context. There are three time schemes, meaning the recurring images help with continuity.

    The quotes are from John Ashbury, Leonard Cohen, the movie Platoon, Arthur Rimbaud and Space Odyssey 2001, although I have attributed two quotes to: Tom Berringer, and Arthur C. Clarke, for obvious reasons. I have kept all the citations and they will appear on the website in due course.

    An interesting question is where and what is the book of poetry. For example, the printed page book of poems has four different visual interpretation. The text and many Gigs of images are available, so anyone can make their own book, even change the poems to suit them better – once they are out of my hands they are no longer mine. (An aside, after doing six months of still images, time lapse stuff, and so on, I dropped my external drive and lost them all – 16 gigs, more than 1000 images).

    Another interesting question is about the narrative that the video and audio set up. What is the real interpretation? As posted, this is an anti-narrative for the book. This will become clear in later videos. I also give credits to all the people who have helped me in doing this project which is far beyond my own computer capabilities, along with other lacks that others have helped with.

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