There are two Citation Categories below: Book citations and Poem-movie citations

Book Citations – There are four different print-based books: War, Religion, Beauty and Sex. Images other than DCR have been cropped, edited and given effects by DCR.


Cover – a massaged still from a Video Blocks video; Title Page – a Cambodian girl with a gun during the Vietnam war. Unknown source; P10 – Vietnam news image; P14 – psychedelic sunrise, possibly a still from a Video Blocks video; P19 – Eddie Adams, well known shot of Nguyen Ngoc Loan executing Nguyen Van Lem, rephotographed with effects by DCR; P33 – Twin Towers – The; P40 – Fractal –; P45 – Space Odyssey 2001 – eye of Hal; P50 – advertising shot for World War Z; P54-55 – headless kestrel, DCR; P60 – bumble bug under glass, DCR; P64 – gunshot, still from a Video Blocks video; P71 – burning monk, Lam Van Tuc  coloured by; P85 – Tian an men Square, 1992, tank man; P88 – Hindenburg in flames, “Oh the humanity” Herb Morrison, coloured by  ?; and, P90 – blood wall, DCR.


Cover – Ratzinger, Pope, news image; Title Page – Michelangelo; P9 – Ratzinger, news image; P12 – burning Cardinal, DCR; P19 – I love my Dad cup, DCR; P25, Adam, Sistine Chapel; P35 – Ratzinger, news image; P38 – Ratzinger, news image; P44 – St. Peter’s Basilica, news image; P48 – The David – web source; P54 – Bible image, DCR; P66 – our lady, DCR; P69 – girl in blue dress, still from Video Blocks, massaged; P82 – still from The Passion of the Christ, massaged; P88 – Ratzinger, news image; P90 – Ratzinger, news image; P94 – I ____ my dad cup, DCR.


Cover – DCR; P11 – blue sky, DCR; P14 – _______ flowers, DCR; P16 – magnolia, DCR; P19 – camellia, DCR; P24 – tulip and spider, DCR; P29 – long grasses, DCR; P33 – California poppies, DCR; P34 – rosebud, DCR; P47 – child’s truck, circa 1930, DCR; P50 – barn with hay, DCR; P57 – smokey moon, DCR; P64 – daffodil, DCR; DCR; P67 – girl in blue dress, still from Video Blocks, massaged; P73 – grapes, DCR; P80 – advertising shot of Lady Gaga, pixelated by DCR; P83 – yellow tulip, DCR; and, P91-92 – clematis, DCR.


Cover – Pieta, unknown source; I love my dad cup, DCR; P14 – old toes, DCR; P16, cigarette, DCR; P30 – bat, National Geographic; P40 – fish eyes, DCR; P45 – two poppies, DCR; P50 – The David; P52 – baby mice,; P62 – mascara, Video Blocks; P70 – girl in blue dress, from Video Blocks video; P72 – Modigliano long faced woman; P78 – rhododendrons, DCR; P82 – snake, Youtube video source; P90 – woman shaving in bath, Video Blocks source; P94 – eyeball, DCR; and, P96 – I ____ my Dad, DCR.

Poem Movie Citations