Introduction is the first book of poetry made into web-based movies. The poems cross media boundaries to reveal that words magically bloom into film because of the centrality of images and the cross-subject, associational expressions embodied in metaphor.

In a universe of new media, You Shall Have No Other asks the important new question: what does a poem mean when it can be endlessly made into new and different possibilities.

The moral dilemma Sandria faces at the end of the book presents both the arc of art to completion, as well as that in real life we are always caught mid-stride, unresolved. Until death, there is always more.

In this case the vertical publishing concept includes giving readers access to a PDF of the text, as well as a copy of the text for rewriting as the reader chooses and a bank of images. The final step is for the reader to send the data stream – which is already an e-book – to Amazon for print on demand into their own tangible book sent back to them the next day. The reader is the writer. Every book is unique.

In addition, DC Reid hopes that the book will serve as a therapeutic aid for the many who have been abused in childhood and who have to deal with the problem later and resolve it in adult life. As he knows, coming through therapy is hard work and writing helps those previously abused to zero in on their stories and put down what devastated them, and with a therapist clear what stands in the way of a fulfilling life. That is his real reason for writing this book. It might help someone to a better life.

The text and image tabs are below the Introduction in the drop down list that descends from You Shall Have No Other button. If you are viewing the poem-movies and want a closer look at the text – the lightning poem, for instance, intentionally leaves the text very faint, given the random algorithm approach to writing lines of poetry – you can find it as a PDF on this site, or as a text file, also on this site.

The title of the lightning poem is: Software toward an aesthetic of the hand in flight.

Here is a book on how to print on demand on Amazon:–Demand/dp/1480250201/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1391452754&sr=8-2&keywords=print+on+demand,

Or go to This is an Amazon company for making your own print based book.